Philips signs 10-year French contract

2019 02 01 21 48 7070 Philips Rsna 2018 400

Royal Philips, the parent company of Philips Healthcare, has signed a 10-year agreement to implement its IntelliSpace enterprise imaging platform for the Centre Hospitalier RĂ©gional Universitaire de Nancy.

The company's Illumeo with adaptive intelligence is part of the package for the academic hospital in the Grand Est region of France, which provides 1.2 million consultation visits and inpatient stays each year.

The goal is to streamline and manage the hospital's medical image data across its departments to improve the delivery of care, health outcomes, and experiences for both patients and staff.

Philips' IntelliSpace enterprise imaging platform includes the following:

  • IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager for clinical data management
  • IntelliSpace Radiology, a clinical user interface to boost radiologist input in patient care
  • IntelliSpace Radiology Workspace, which offers workflow and collaboration tools

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