ITM expands operations in Germany

German radiopharmaceutical firm ITM Isotopen Technologien München is set to increase its capacity to produce the medical isotope lutetium-177 at a facility in Neufahrn, Germany.

The company markets lutetium-177 under the brand name EndolucinBeta for use in cancer therapy. The expansion is designed to meet the worldwide demand for medical isotopes for precision oncology.

ITM plans to add a production unit with clean rooms, laboratories, and additional storage capacity as part of a long-term lease at an approximately 5,000-sq-m building. The construction of the facility for the production of medical isotopes has already begun.

The location will also provide office space for up to 140 employees at one location. Occupancy is expected for the third quarter of 2019. Construction of the production unit to produce radiopharmaceuticals containing lutetium-177 will begin next year, with completion scheduled for 2021.

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