ITM signs Chinese radioisotope deal

2019 11 19 18 52 7826 Business Hands 400

German radiopharmaceutical group ITM Isotopen Technologien München has signed a technology license agreement with Chengdu Gaotong Isotope to produce and distribute ITM's germanium-68 (Ge-68)/gallium-68 (Ga-68) generators and lutetium-177 (Lu-117) radioisotope in China.

Chengdu Gaotong Isotope is a subsidiary of nuclear technology application products manufacturer and supplier China Isotope & Radiation (CIRC), with whom ITM has partnered for almost 10 years to distribute ITM's medical radioisotopes, generators, and equipment in China.

Under the terms of the agreement, Gaotong will begin producing ITM's Ge-68/Ga-68 generators and Lu-177 radioisotope, which ITM markets under the brand name EndolucinBeta in China, and will join ITM's global network of OEMs to support other ITM agreements with strategic partners. ITM's OEM network serves radiopharmaceutical firms in the U.S., Australia, and South Africa.

With this new partnership, CIRC becomes the fourth partner to join ITM's OEM processing and production network.

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