Availability of mobile CT systems increases in Asia-Pacific

2022 06 06 23 29 1561 Ambulance Emergency Night 400

NeuroLogica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is highlighting the installation of its SmartMSU with the OmniTom Elite for mobile head CT imaging in the Asia-Pacific region.

SmartMSU is an ambulance equipped with a small OmniTom CT scanner. It was installed in Thailand at the Siriraj Stroke Center under the Mobile Stroke Unit-Stroke One Stop project.

The scanner is outfitted with a mechanism that secures the device to the ambulance to create additional space around the scanner. It is also equipped with internal radiation shielding to help reduce scatter.

NeuroLogica said the system also allows for the integration of contrast injectors for optimized workflow when performing CT angiography and CT perfusion. It also features a redesigned radiolucent interface for the onboard stretcher. This makes for minimal movement of the patient when positioning them for head imaging. It is also designed to have low power consumption and is battery-operated to minimize charging, the company added.

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