IBA launches Cyclone Ikon cyclotron

2019 09 21 00 44 1021 Iba Astro 2019

Belgian medical technology developer IBA has launched a new high-energy, high-capacity cyclotron that offers a larger energy spectrum for PET and SPECT isotopes than the company's previous model.

The Cyclone Ikon is compact and versatile and capable of working over a large energy span, from 13 MeV to 30 MeV, with full current capacity to enable the large-scale and high-purity production of emerging PET, SPECT, and parent radioisotopes, according to the company.

The first two Cyclone Ikon systems have been acquired by the Institute of Radioelements in Belgium and Curium Pharma in St Louis, MO. Commissioning is scheduled for 2023.

The Cyclone IKON was showcased during a virtual live event and the replay can be seen here.

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