Hologic adds 3D breast ultrasound to SuperSonic Mach 40

2020 01 02 21 24 9838 Hologic Rsna 2019 400

Hologic has added 3D ultrasound imaging to its SuperSonic Mach 40 system, an upgrade that will allow users to easily access the company's ShearWave Plus elastography 3D and high-resolution B-mode volumes.

With 3D volumetric data, SuperSonic Mach 40 can visualize breast tissue in any scanning plane, including coronal or C-plane. The company's MultiSlice display presents 3D volumes slice-by-slice, and its MultiPlanar display reconstructs the slides in any orientation, Hologic said.

SuperSonic Mach 40 features Hologic's UltraFast technology, allowing it to capture 20,000 frames per second. It also includes Hologic's ShearWave Plus Elastography and its Angio Plus imaging for microvascular flow evaluation.

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