CE Mark extended for Hologic's Localizer

2019 02 01 17 54 2200 Hologic Rsna 2018 400

Women's imaging vendor Hologic announced an extension of the CE Mark for its Localizer radiofrequency identification (RFID) tag for long-term placement.

Localizer is a wire-free guidance system that is nonradioactive. The radiofrequency localization system is designed for precise marking and targeting of lesions in breast-conserving surgery with the goal of replacing traditional wire-guided localization methods. With Hologic's new tag, placement can be done more than 30 days before surgery. For patients, this means they can arrive closer to their surgery time and experience fewer interventional procedures, according to the vendor.

On the day of surgery, the miniature implantable tag can be detected by a portable, handheld reader that indicates the location and distance in mm to the lesion. Each tag also has a unique identification number that is displayed on the reader.

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