Samsung unveils upgrades for breast ultrasound

Samsung Medison has released upgrades to its RS80A ultrasound system specifically for breast imaging.

RS80A with Prestige includes a tool called S-Detect that allows radiologists to use fusion and contrast-enhanced ultrasound for breast imaging. The system's "deep learning" algorithm in lesion segmentation, characteristic analysis, and assessment gives users more accurate results, according to the vendor.

Other upgrades include:

  • S-Fusion, which offers a respiration auto tool that minimizes registration gap between real-time ultrasound and recorded CT/MRI images
  • CEUS+, which applies Samsung's VesselMax and FlowMax tools to ultrasound images taken with contrast
  • S-3D arterial analysis, which enables 3D imaging of vessels and volume measurement of artery plaque
  • S-Harmonic, which reduces signal noise based on wider bandwidths and higher frequency
  • HQ vision, which images anatomical structures with better clarity

RS80A with Prestige is now available in Europe and the Middle East, the firm stated.

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