Samsung debuts ultrasound scanner at ECR 2014

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Samsung introduced a new premium radiology ultrasound scanner this week at ECR 2014, as well as a new floor-mounted digital radiography (DR) system.

Called UGEO RS80A, the new scanner marks Samsung's entry into the premium radiology ultrasound segment, according to Hans Bossink, director of the health and medical equipment division for Samsung Electronics Europe. Previously, the company's ultrasound offerings had focused on the women's health, point-of-care, and other niche segments.

Samsung's new UGEO RS80A ultrasound scanner.Samsung's new UGEO RS80A ultrasound scanner.
Samsung's new UGEO RS80A ultrasound scanner.

UGEO RS80A features three beamformers, versus two on older Samsung scanners. It also sports a 13-inch LED display, simpler controls, and an adjustable touch-mount operator's screen, while the scanner's pinless transducer connector technology produces less noise.

Clinical applications available on the scanner include contrast imaging developed through Samsung's collaboration with a research group in Italy, as well as breast elastography. Samsung is also developing probe sensor technology with magnets for needle tracking, Bossink said.

Samsung expects to receive the CE Mark for the system in the summer, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance after that.

Other Samsung ECR 2014 highlights include UGEO PT60A, a tablet-based ultrasound scanner for point-of-care applications that was launched in mid-2013, and UGEO WS80A, a premium scanner for women's ultrasound that was launched in October 2013. UGEO HM70A is a handheld scanner also introduced in 2013.

In digital radiography, Samsung also launched a new DR system at ECR 2014, XGEO GF50. The system is a floor-mounted DR unit designed to offer high usability in smaller medical environments and clinics such as internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery.

XGEO GF50 is available with a four- or six-way table, and is available with Samsung's new S-Detector wireless flat-panel digital detector, with a maximum 80% detective quantum efficiency (DQE), delivering lower noise and better contrast, according to the company. It also sports Samsung's upgraded S-Vue imaging engine for better image sharpness.

Finally, Samsung demonstrated at ECR 2014 the NeuroLogica mobile CT scanners it acquired in 2013, BodyTom and CereTom. The company also discussed its business-to-business solutions, designed to help customers reduce costs and improve productivity.

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