Materialise updates 3D software

Belgian software developer Materialise has released new versions of its Mimic Innovation Suite software.

The new suite includes Mimics 18.0 and 3-matic 10.0, both of which include enhancements to make them more user-friendly, as well as new tools to speed up the segmentation process and expand their visualization functionality.

A new fluoroscopy view allows users to interact with resliced images and obtain the best angles for fluoroscopy studies. Users can automatically calculate S-curve based on preferences such as angle increment, start and end angle, and other factors.

Meanwhile, a new virtual x-ray tool enables users to virtually acquire an x-ray from a combination of CT data and 3D objects, and simulate the position of postoperative implants. The company has also made general improvements to the x-ray module to increase its ease of use.

Finally, 3D objects can be finished by interactively adjusting contours on 2D image cross-sections, while a new heart segmentation tool in the software's cardiovascular module accelerates and automates segmentation of different heart chambers.

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