Visbion updates image archive software

PACS vendor Visbion said it has released an update for its image archive software that provides new features and enhanced functionality for storing and viewing images.

The new version incorporates several enhancements in functionality and performance, for example supporting the new image object change management (IOCM) standard (part of the Integrating the Health Enterprise [IHE] framework) that allows any rejected or updated images to remain synchronized between multiple PACS and vendor-neutral archive systems, Visbion said.

The software also includes practice management system integration, ensuring smoother workflow and eliminating the need to log on to two separate systems, according to Visbion.

In addition, a new streaming technique enables users to download only those parts of an image that are displayed onscreen, speeding response time on slower Internet links and reducing download time for large image datasets.

Finally, full 64-bit support allows for greater scalability and larger exam sizes, with the ability to display exams as large as 5,000 slices without encountering traditional memory limitations, according to Visbion.

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