Theraclion calls thyroid trial 'encouraging'

Ultrasound therapy provider Theraclion said the results of its clinical trial involving echotherapy treatment of benign thyroid nodules are "very encouraging."

Echotherapy treatment with the firm's Echopulse device of 20 patients at Bulgaria's University Hospital of Endocrinology in Sofia was found to reduce thyroid size by an average of 52% at the six-month mark, the company said. The results, demonstrating the effectiveness and excellent patient tolerance of the technique, will be presented at the Focused Ultrasound Symposium in Rome 10-11 October, the company said.

The significant reduction in nodule size at six months -- up to 94% in some cases -- shows the Echopulse product can provide a less burdensome treatment option to the patient, co-author Dr. Roussanka Kovatcheva from the university said.

Early results also show the treatment to be very successful in fibroadenoma, the company added.

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