EOS highlights new clinical study in Toronto

Orthopedic digital imaging firm EOS Imaging announced that new research shows its EOS digital radiography (DR) system offers more accurate lower limb imaging with significantly lower radiation exposure compared with computed radiography (CR) and CT scans.

The study was presented at the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America meeting in Toronto by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Unni Narayanan of the Hospital for Sick Children. The researchers evaluated imaging of a phantom limb in a standardized position with CR, CT, and an EOS system in slow and fast speed, and they compared measurement accuracy as well as radiation dose.

Narayanan's group found that using the EOS system at a faster speed was more accurate than conventional CT and CR for assessing bone length, with a much lower radiation exposure, according to EOS.

The mean absolute difference between the imaging-based measurement and the true length of the femur was lower with the EOS system, at 3.6 mm, compared with 42.2 mm for CR and 6.3 mm for CT. The mean radiation was also lower for EOS-fast, at 0.68 mrad, compared with 29.01 mrad for CR and 3.74 mrad for CT.

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