Digital x-ray market to reach 561 million euros by 2015

The world market for digital radiography (DR) is projected to reach 561 million euros ($742.8 million U.S.) by 2015, according to a new report released by market research firm Global Industry Analysts (GIA).

Although the market has been hurt as a result of the global recession, DR systems are comparatively better insulated than most other medical equipment because of the pivotal role radiography plays in the field of medical imaging, GIA found. DR will continue to benefit from the aging world population, which will require twice as much radiographic examination when compared to past generations.

The recession has boosted DR retrofits to existing analog s-Ray systems and older computed radiography (CR) rooms, resulting in several conventional CR vendors adding thin-film transistor flat-panel-based DR products to their portfolios, GIA said.

The U.S. represents the world's largest DR market, followed by Japan. Sale of DR units in the U.S. is projected to reach 1,126 units in 2012. DR sales will grow in developing markets such as Asia-Pacific, especially China, the report found.

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