EU demand for hybrid operating rooms looks set to grow

There will be an increased demand by hospitals in Europe to install hybrid operating rooms, finds a new report issued by market research company Frost & Sullivan.

Equipping the hybrid operating rooms will stimulate the acquisition of state-of-the-art endovascular imaging equipment.

The need for hybrid operating rooms is based on the firm's prediction that there will be a surge in the need for minimally invasive surgeries for patients with complex cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Hybrid operating rooms facilitate sophisticated surgeries while reducing hospitalization periods of patients.

Frost & Sullivan's new report, "Operating Rooms of the Future: A European Perspective," states the combination of increased use of multispecialty teams to cure complex diseases and the booming demand for minimally invasive surgeries will start to overcome the cost barrier of $3 million to $9 million (2.43 million euros to 7.23 million euros) per hybrid room equipped with CT or MRI scanners.

Most operating rooms function at 68% of their capacity, according to the report. They account for approximately 42% of the average hospital's revenue and a proportionate share of its costs. A hybrid operating room will enable both human and technical resources to be employed optimally. Its integration into a central surgical department will allow for interdisciplinary applications, as well as being available as a conventional operating room resource.

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