ESR: Radiology societies must adapt to new generation

2018 11 15 19 17 5071 Doctors Young Education 400

Radiology societies need to adapt their approach and adopt strategies tailored for the new generation to engage young doctors and ensure an increase in their membership base, according to a statement published by the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

Prepared by Prof. Nikoleta Traykova, chairperson of the ESR Communication and External Affairs Committee, the statement summarizes the key findings and takeaway points from the ESR International Forum 2019, which was held at ECR 2019 to discuss strategies for engaging the younger generation. During the forum, the ESR and 20 other radiological societies gave presentations and shared the point of view of their respective country or region.

The ESR statement contains five main messages that were published on 23 January in Insights into Imaging:

  • It is important to understand the characteristics of the younger generation and develop a new approach.
  • The younger generation needs to be guided, mentored, and delegated more responsibilities.
  • New and innovative forms of engagement through technology need to be adopted.
  • The radiologist role is changing, and the image of a radiologist's job needs to be reenvisioned accordingly.
  • Increased use of social media and technology is the crucial element for engaging the younger generation.

"Radiology is changing; in parallel to these changes a new approach towards the younger generation needs to be adopted," Traykova wrote. "The technology plays a key role in this process and will serve as a bridge between already established and future radiologists, thus ensuring a bright future for radiology as a whole."

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