EBR adds features to EDiR app

The European Board of Radiology (EBR) has added two features to its European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) app: structured reports and new self-assessment tests.

The structured reports feature consists of cases with a similar structure to the Clinically Oriented Reasoning Evaluation (CORE) section of the EDiR examination, in which users will be asked to complete a structured report. This feature gives candidates a tool to practice the CORE questions and helps them learn how to structure information when dealing with clinical cases in their daily work, according to the EBR.

Also, the EBR has announced the publication of new self-assessment tests in the cardiac and head and neck subspecialties. These tests allow candidates to receive explanations and feedback about their answers in real-time while completing the tests, which also work on the same platform as the actual exam.

For further details, check out the EDiR app.

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