New app allows pregnant women access to records

Pregnant women across four countries will soon be able to carry their maternity records on their smartphones, thanks to the Pregnancy CaPl (Care Plan) app.

The app, available on Android and iOS, will give women ownership of their maternity records and is due to be adopted in the U.S., Nigeria, Ghana, and northeast England, according to the developer, Care Plan App. It undertakes a comprehensive pregnancy clinical risk assessment and generates guidance approved by experts and tailored to each individual user. Tools include a contraction timer, a birth plan template, and a kick counter so women will be able to record their pregnancy in real-time.

The app will support decision-making by doctors and midwives, and women can add to their own pregnancy notes whenever they want, noting down anything they think their clinician should know, the firm said.

Early adopters of the technology include the Birthing Center in New York; University College Hospital Ibadan in Nigeria; Cape Coast Teaching Hospital in Ghana; City Hospital in Sunderland, U.K.; and South Tyneside Hospital in Newcastle, U.K.

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