Holoxica develops 3D hologram of liver

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Holographic imaging firm Holoxica announced that it has created a 3D hologram of a human liver that is intended for use by surgeons to highlight tumors that will be surgically excised.

The 3D hologram is intended to help accurately pinpoint diseased liver tissue to assist surgeons and also for radiation therapy planning, according to the Edinburgh, Scotland-based company. Another application is to create 3D models for training and simulation by surgeons to help them visualize the intricacies of navigation within the organ.

Holoxica collaborated with Germany's Fraunhofer Institute to develop the 3D application. Holoxica intends to map a human liver in three conditions -- a healthy liver, a diseased liver, and a liver that has had surgical removal of a tumor -- so that surgeons can better understand how a liver reacts to tumor and other chronic diseases.

For its work in 3D organ hologram development, Holoxica was awarded a Nexxus Scotland Collaboration Award from the Edinburgh Science Triangle.

Holoxica's 3D hologram of the liver.Holoxica's 3D hologram of the liver.
Holoxica's 3D hologram of the liver.
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