On Target Laboratories promotes Cytalux study results

2021 02 02 17 39 1965 Lung Cancer Ct 3d 400

Molecular imaging agent developer On Target Laboratories is highlighting clinical results from a phase III study of its Cytalux injection for intraoperative imaging of lung cancer.

The findings of the trial -- which is called Elucidate -- were published in March in the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. The study investigated the efficacy of Cytalux for intraoperative molecular imaging for lung cancer and included 112 patients with suspected or biopsy-confirmed cancer in the lung scheduled for lung resection who received Cytalux 24 hours before surgery.

In patients who received Cytalux, 53% experienced a "clinically significant event," such as locating primary lesions that may have been missed by using conventional techniques (19%), finding one or more additional lesions (8%), and identifying close resection margins (38%). In fact, among additional cancerous lesions detected by Cytalux, 73% were outside the planned surgical area. Using Cytalux changed the scope of surgery in 29% of patients, On Target Laboratories said.

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