Sun Nuclear releases 3D water scanner system

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Radiation oncology quality-assurance (QA) technology developer Sun Nuclear released its SunScan 3D, a 3D cylindrical water scanner system for QA of linear accelerators.

SunScan 3D is designed for linear accelerator commissioning, beam scanning, and annual quality assurance in radiation therapy. It has a cylindrical tank design that eliminates the need for medical physics teams to shift the tank and keeps detector orientation consistent. Users can be ready to scan in 15 minutes.

Additionally, the system offers enhanced stereotactic radiosurgery accuracy of 0.1 mm throughout the 3D volume and enhanced electrometer signal-to-noise ratios for stereotactic treatments.

The system will be available for demonstrations at the Sun Nuclear booth during the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO), which is being held on 6-10 May in Copenhagen. Sun Nuclear is a subsidiary of Mirion Technologies.

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