HeartFlow launches new trial of its FFR-CT software

2019 06 11 22 35 5932 Heart Pulmonary Trunk 400

HeartFlow has launched a clinical trial of its Fractional Flow Reserve-CT (FFR-CT) software with the enrollment of three patients at Erasmus MC Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

FFR-CT is a noninvasive software application developed by HeartFlow to test for coronary artery disease. The technology uses CT scans to calculate how much blood is flowing through the coronary arteries, HeartFlow said.

The trial is expected to enroll 528 patients from six Dutch hospitals and will evaluate whether the use of the HeartFlow FFRct Analysis is effective in reducing unnecessary invasive coronary angiograms. Once complete, results are expected to support insurance reimbursement in the Netherlands for the HeartFlow Analysis program, according to the company.

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