NHS England requires use of HeartFlow's FFRct software

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The National Health Service (NHS) England and NHS Improvement have mandated that hospitals in England adopt HeartFlow's HeartFlow Analysis fractional flow reserve CT (FFRct) software to fight coronary heart disease (CHD).

HeartFlow Analysis has been selected as one of the tools supported by NHS England's new MedTech Funding Mandate, which begins on 1 April 2021, and aims to provide cutting-edge medical devices and digital products to patients faster.

The software calculates noninvasive fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurements in patients with heart disease. Using data from CT scans, it provides anatomic and functional information in a single test. It is designed to be used for stable symptomatic patients with CHD to determine whether they should be sent for catheter-based angiography.

Funding for HeartFlow's participation in NHS England's Innovation and Technology Payment Program, which provides reimbursement for the use of technologies in which financial or procurement barriers prevent widespread adoption, was extended again through March 2021.

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