SyntheticMR software compatible with more Siemens scanners

2019 12 03 17 03 9108 Siemens Rsna 2019 400

Medical imaging software developer SyntheticMR has announced that its SyMRI software is now compatible with additional models of Siemens Healthineers MRI scanners being sold in the U.S.

The software is now compatible with the 1.5-tesla scanners Magnetom Altea, Sola, and Sola Fit, and the 3-tesla scanners Magnetom Skyra and Prisma.

The SyMRI software provides multiple contrast-weighted images and quantitative data in one five- to six-minute scan. The software is now available on the additional Siemens MRI scanners following a notification SyntheticMR received from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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