MILabs places multimodality system in Denmark

Dutch molecular imaging developer MILabs has installed its PET/SPECT/ultrahigh-resolution CT system at the University of Copenhagen Center for Translational Neuromedicine.

Installed in the division of glial disease and therapeutics, the system is the latest multimodality system featuring molecular, functional, and anatomical tomographic imaging capabilities, including 0.6-mm PET, 0.14-mm ex vivo Exirad-SPECT, and 0.25-mm in vivo SPECT, and 3D/4D CT imaging with 4-µm voxel resolution.

The Center for Translational Neuromedicine is an institute in brain research specializing in cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and protein clearance and its dysregulation effect on neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's disease.

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