Aquilab partners with OncoRadiomics for software

French imaging software developer Aquilab said it has signed an agreement with Dutch radiomics developer OncoRadiomics to integrate its radiomics technology into Aquilab's imaging software.

The agreement enables OncoRadiomics to develop a module for Aquilab's Artiview imaging software. OncoRadiomics' technology, which analyzes radiology images quantitatively to extract additional information, was developed by Dr. Philippe Lambin and colleagues at the University of Maastricht.

The technology can extract a large number of imaging features from PET and CT data to generate so-called predictive signatures to improve interpretation of findings in the image data.

Once completed, Aquilab's ArtView module will be able to generate predictive signatures, either for cancer research, or for clinical practice to provide decision support, the companies said.

The collaboration between the two firms is an important step toward Aquilab's becoming a key player in an oncology revolution that emphases prediction, and prevention, as well as participatory and personalized cancer care, Aquilab said.

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