Germany's BEC installs ion-beam positioning in Austria

MedAustron, the Austrian-based facility for ion-beam therapy, said it will install German manufacturer BEC's exacure patient positioning system and MedPhoton's Ion Beam energy imaging ring.

These two systems bring new accuracy to patient positioning for ion-beam treatment, MedAustron said. Both systems also meet the special requirements for ion-beam therapy and ensure the highest degree of patient safety, the vendor added.

At the heart of exacure is a custom-modified industrial robot adapted for medical use within exacure, according to BEC. The ceiling mount is a feature that allows for movement in seven independent degrees of freedom. The robot can be positioned in all three dimensions, and can be moved along the ceiling toward and away from the beam nozzle in order to boost flexibility in patient positioning, the company said. Another advantage of the ceiling-mounted system is the integrated optical tracking system: It monitors the treatment couch position 500 times per second and applies corrections in real time, if necessary, to ensure optimal treatment results.

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