Dassault unveils 3D virtual heart model

French 3D design and simulation firm Dassault Systèmes has introduced a 3D simulation model of a whole human heart.

The model was developed with a multidisciplinary team of heart experts to help combat cardiovascular disease, according to the company. It was the core element of an initiative called the Living Heart Project. The 3D heart model captures the electrical and mechanical behavior of the heart, Dassault said.

Using echocardiograms, MR and CT images, and cardiac research data, personalized 3D heart simulations will soon allow medical professionals to better understand a patient's heart behavior without the need for additional invasive diagnostic procedures, according to the firm.

In addition to becoming a valuable educational and translational tool to spur research innovation, the model could also lead to accelerated regulatory approval cycles, reduced development costs for new and more personalized devices, and earlier diagnoses and treatment outcomes, Dassault said.

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