Toshiba launches 3D app for hybrid OR design

Toshiba Medical Systems has unveiled a 3D augmented reality app for designing hybrid operating room (OR) theaters.

Computer-generated images of the theater -- from the walls to the CT, MRI, and x-ray equipment -- can be superimposed into a real-life local view of the theater. Using the application, fewer design iterations are required as Toshiba consultants are able to manipulate the augmented reality design in real-time with clinician input.

Physicians can manipulate, turn, or spin the room for different viewing aspects, move equipment, or make dramatic alterations to the theater layout to help them decide on the most efficient layout before it is built.

Toshiba's design team uses an Autodesk Revit 3D modeling tool.

Toshiba's planning tool has been used in two different design builds of hybrid theaters, at Birmingham Heartlands Children's Hospital and Colchester Hospital in the U.K.

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