Elekta gets CE Mark for prostate motion monitoring

Radiation oncology firm Elekta has received a CE Mark for its Clarity 4D Monitoring system.

Clarity 4D allows for real-time monitoring of the prostate, increasing accuracy for targeting radiation therapy to submillimeter levels, the company said.

The ability to visualize the prostate and surrounding anatomy continuously is important for clinicians performing advanced prostate protocols, such as reduced margin hypofractionated therapy and advanced stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy, Elekta said.

The Clarity 4D monitoring system provides continuous tracking of the target and imaging of the surrounding anatomy, including the bladder, rectum, and penile hub, the company said. Avoiding the surrounding anatomy helps to minimize the possibility of treatment side effects such as erectile dysfunction, incontinence, or rectal bleeding. Closer visualization could also potentially aid clinicians in designing treatment plans with tighter margins around the targets, while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissues, Elekta said.

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