IBA results improve in fiscal 2012

Radiopharmaceutical provider Ion Beam Applications (IBA) benefited from increasing market adoption and expanded use of proton therapy treatment, increasing revenues for sales and services by 8.8% during its 2012 fiscal year compared with 2011.

IBA reported revenues of 221.1 million euros ($286.7 million U.S.), compared with 203.2 million euros ($264.5 million) in fiscal year 2011. The Belgian company attributed the revenue increase in part to the sale of seven proton therapy rooms in 2012.

The year's net loss was 5.8 million euros ($7.5 million), due mostly to write-downs of a project and the restructuring of expenses. This was a considerable improvement compared with the 84.1 million euro loss ($109.06 million) the company experienced the year before.

The firm's operating margins rose to 7.6% in fiscal 2012 from 4.0% in fiscal 2012. The company has implemented an efficiency program with the goal of generating an annual savings of 10 million euros ($13 million) by 2014.

The Belgian company said that with the development of its Proteus One, a smaller, less expensive proton therapy system, it was attracting customers throughout the world who were interested in acquiring an easier to install, more cost-effective proton treatment facilities.

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