MILabs debuts 2 new systems at EANM meeting in Milan

Preclinical molecular imaging developer MILabs has unveiled a SPECT and a SPECT/CT imaging system at this week's European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) meeting in Milan.

MILabs' two new systems in its Plus line of products, U-SPECT+ and U-SPECT+/CT, boast reconstructed SPECT resolution of 0.25 mm using a new superhigh-resolution collimator design. The new systems also incorporate significant resolution improvements of as much as 15% for the existing multipinhole series based on the Dutch firm's proprietary M5TM dual-stage technology.

MILabs is also introducing an ultrahigh-sensitivity SPECT capability of more than 12,000 cps/MBq, which enables very low-dose experiments and accurate analysis of fast tracer dynamics, the company said.

The Plus systems also introduce dynamic subhalf-minute whole-body mouse SPECT, based on MILabs' highly stable stationary detector design. The two systems also incorporate data from most high-performance MRI platforms and also the model-based fully 3D U-RECON image reconstruction technique featuring accurate attenuation correction and scientifically validated system modeling for optimized resolution recovery and quantification for SPECT and SPECT/PET, MILabs said.

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