Why do we ask you to create an account?

Why do we ask you to create an account and other interesting things.

Why do we ask you to create an account?
We ask you to create an account for two reasons. First it allows us to provide a better user experience for you because you can influence the kinds of content you see and receive from us. Second we do not charge a subscription fee for the content on AuntMinnieEurope. However we do have to pay our editors, developers and staff to create and maintain the website. To do this we sell our ads and our advertisers want to know some aggregate data about our readers. We will never sell or share your personal information. We feel that this approach allows us to provide you with the best daily dental news information with no out of pocket cost to you and still allows our team here to collectively pay their mortgages.

I have an account, why am I being asked to login (again)?
We understand that logging in can be inconvenient. We try and minimize the process by using “cookies” and other approaches to minimize the number of times you have to manually login. Here are some reasons why you are being prompted to login:
  1. You've not visited the site in the last 7 days so your “cookie” has expired. Come back more often - we'd love to have you and the side benefit is that you won't have to manually login.
  2. Your browser is set to delete all cookies every time it's closed or a session is ended. If this is the case you'll be prompted to login again on any site where you have an account. You can change this setting in your browser if you prefer.

Still have other questions, thoughts or comments?
Please contact support and we'll help any way we can.

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