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Benign breast disease still causes severe anxiety among many patients, and deciding on and presenting the best treatment option can be a vital way to reassure them.

An important study in this area was published last week in European Radiology. The authors found that ultrasound-guided percutaneous microwave ablation is becoming a valuable treatment for benign breast lesions, and skilled interventional radiologists can perfect their technique faster than surgeons can. Don't miss our report posted today.

Lung ultrasound has proved useful for doctors needing to make diagnosis, treatment, and admission decisions for adult patients with COVID-19, but limited research exists about its effectiveness for children. Italian researchers have shed new light in this area, and their findings deserve a close look.

In other news related to the pandemic, the ultrasound probes and systems that ob/gyn professionals typically rely on for prenatal checkups can also be used for lung imaging in patients with suspected cases of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, ultrasound practitioners in the Netherlands are making use of a prototype plexiglass screen designed to protect staff and patients from COVID-19. Pediatric radiologist Dr. Herma Holscher developed the screen.

Making use of radiomics, an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can accurately differentiate between benign and malignant thyroid nodules on ultrasound examinations, perhaps even better than some radiologists can. This is the key finding of AI research published recently by the European Journal of Radiology.

This letter highlights only a handful of the many articles posted over the past few weeks in the Ultrasound Community. Please see the full list below.

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