Spanish team finds swollen glands in patients after COVID-19 vaccine
October 20, 2021 -- Researchers from the University of Navarra Clinic in Pamplona, Spain, have used ultrasound to identify unilateral axillary adenopathy in patients who had the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Read More
CT plays essential role in penetrating abdominopelvic trauma
October 8, 2021 -- CT can make a valuable contribution to the management of patients who experience penetrating abdominopelvic trauma, delegates learned on the opening day of the French national congress, Journées Francophones de Radiologie (JFR) 2021. Read More
How is the global ultrasound market doing in 2021?
October 4, 2021 -- Experts believe a relatively strong recovery for the world ultrasound market is likely this year, following the widespread disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Analyst Mustafa Hassan discusses the main regional growth trends and patterns. Read More
What impact has COVID-19 had on training and education in Europe?
September 30, 2021 -- To plan for the future, we urgently need more information about the pandemic's impact on training and education, writes Prof. Dr. Christian Loewe. He presents the results of a recent survey that assesses attitudes to face-to-face congresses and e-learning. Read More
Spotlight falls on abdominal ultrasound delays
September 29, 2021 -- A seven-month delay in completing a referral for an abdominal ultrasound scan was "unacceptable" in a case involving a woman later found to have neuroendocrine cancer, according to a report by the New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner. Read More
GE to acquire ultrasound firm BK Medical for 1.3B euros
September 23, 2021 -- GE Healthcare has signed a deal to acquire specialty ultrasound and surgical visualization developer BK Medical for $1.45 billion U.S. (1.23 billion euros). GE said the acquisition will help its $3 billion (2.6 billions euros) ultrasound business expand into surgical and therapeutic interventions. Read More
Italian team evaluates ultrasound scoring index in COVID diagnosis
September 13, 2021 -- Investigators from the University of Ferrara in Italy have found that their lung ultrasound severity index can distinguish between patients who have COVID-19 and those who don't. It also helps to identify those who will experience in-hospital mortality. Read More
Experts give top tips on how to succeed in breast imaging
September 9, 2021 -- What personal qualities do you need to achieve success in breast imaging? How should you approach artificial intelligence? How can you conduct better research? What can be said about the future? Radiologists from across Europe share their advice. Read More
Making the switch from radiologist to Olympic sports physician
September 7, 2021 -- Dr. Michiko Dohi is a leading sports physician in Japan. After playing a prominent role at the Tokyo Olympics, she reflects on her career. She reveals how she moved from clinical radiology into elite sports medicine and how French MRI pioneer Prof. Denis Le Bihan inspired her. Read More
What was it like to work as a radiologist at the Tokyo Olympics?
August 30, 2021 -- Dr. Michel Daoud Crema worked as a musculoskeletal radiologist for the French Olympic Team at the recent Tokyo Games. He describes this remarkable and uplifting experience and looks ahead to Paris 2024. Read More