How has radiology in Rome fared during the pandemic?
April 7, 2022 -- Extensive data and analysis about the full impact of COVID-19 on scanning volumes and workflow at a public hospital in Rome were released on 5 April in a European Radiology article. Resilience and meticulous planning got his team through the crisis, says Prof. Andrea Laghi. Read More
Why clinical registries may be the emperor's new clothes
March 29, 2022 -- Clinical data registries are a big thing right now. Like the emperor's new clothes, are they something we should accept at face value, uncritically, because everyone else does? Interventional radiologist Dr. Chris Hammond addresses this question in a new column. Read More
Soft skills can be vital for effective care of top athletes
March 10, 2022 -- The clinical skills radiologists bring to multidisciplinary care teams for elite athletes are crucial, but so are so-called soft skills such as humility and adaptability, leading Dutch experts have reported. Read More
ECR: How can imaging screen for COVID damage to kidneys?
March 3, 2022 -- With the COVID-19 pandemic now in at least a fourth wave, physicians have a better understanding of how the disease affects the body beyond the lungs -- including the kidneys. Experts shared their knowledge and experiences on 2 March at the ECR 2022 Overture. Read More
ECR: Beets-Tan admits times are tough but insists future is bright
March 2, 2022 -- The world faces many challenges right now, but the global radiology community must stand close and be more united than ever, European Society of Radiology President Prof. Dr. Regina Beets-Tan told virtual attendees at the opening ceremony of ECR Overture on 2 March. Read More
Wide variations persist in how Europeans use PPE in ultrasound
February 11, 2022 -- Personal protective equipment (PPE) has become ubiquitous in hospitals over the past two years, but substantial differences still exist when it comes to face-to-face ultrasound examinations, a new Europe-wide survey has found. Read More
Dutch group uses POCUS to rule out PE in high-risk COVID-19 cases
February 9, 2022 -- Researchers from Amsterdam have used point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to rule out pulmonary embolism (PE) in critically ill COVID-19 patients and to determine who should undergo CT pulmonary angiography. Read More
Nailed it: How fingertip searches can shine a light on cancer
February 8, 2022 -- A prizewinning study has highlighted that in the proper hands, ultrasound is a valuable diagnostic tool that can accurately assess pathologies of the fingernails and toenails, including subungual melanoma. Read More
What are the main challenges when imaging premature babies?
February 7, 2022 -- Premature babies start life with many potential difficulties, but specialist pediatric radiologists can help identify complications quickly, permitting appropriate treatment. In this Q&A interview, Dr. Stephanie Spieth from Dresden, Germany, discusses the practical aspects of imaging premature babies. Read More
Dutch optimize ultrasound use to predict hip dysplasia in infants
February 3, 2022 -- A group from University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands has found that modeling ultrasound images of well-centered stable dysplastic hips in infants predicted which hips developed to normal or remained dysplastic. Read More