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An eight-month clinical audit of 429 patients conducted at a leading U.K. oncology hospital suggests that radiographers can play an important role in screening MRI scans to exclude brain metastases.

The research was presented at last month's virtual UK Imaging & Oncology Congress, and it deserves a close look. Don't miss our article posted today.

When it comes to MRI contrast agents, the Maverinck knows what he's talking about, having worked in the field for many years. His latest column about the current and future status of contrast agents, including safety and reimbursement issues, is certainly a compelling read.

Radiologist Dr. Adrian "George" Ringer helped bring a lot of new imaging technology to the people of Bermuda, including the island's first MRI system. History expert Dr. Adrian Thomas tells the story of his unconventional life.

Fujifilm has never had a strong presence in the MRI sector, but this may be about to change, following the vendor's acquisition of Hitachi's imaging business. Brian Casey, our editorial director, provides some timely analysis of this significant global deal.

Some U.K. hospitals get access to first-line MRI for stroke when they need it, while others don't. That was one of the findings to come out of a recent discussion of service optimization. It's evident that widespread regional differences persist across the country.

This letter features only a few of the many reports posted in the MRI Community over the past few weeks. Please scroll through the full list below, and feel free to contact me if you have ideas for future coverage.

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