Inquest finds surgical complications caused patient death

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A 58-year-old woman from Higher Walton in Lancashire, England, died due to complications resulting from an interventional neuroradiology procedure that was undertaken to treat a brain aneurysm, an inquest held on 2 July at Preston Coroner's Court has found.

After an MRI scan had revealed a large aneurysm, Samantha Arton was admitted to the Royal Preston Hospital and received endovascular surgery for insertion of a flow diverter. However, her aneurysm ruptured during the three-hour procedure, resulting in a catastrophic intracranial hemorrhage, noted a report published online on 2 July by LancsLive.

Consultant radiologist Dr. Siddhartha Wuppalapati told the inquest that the first guidewire and catheter had been inserted without any complications, but he noticed after the second wire had been inserted that the aneurysm was bleeding into the brain.

More and more coils were then placed inside to stop the bleeding, according to LancsLive.

"She was no longer bleeding at 12:45 p.m., but then we had a dilemma; should we put the flow diverter in or should we stop and assess how much the brain has been damaged by the bleeding," Wuppalapati said. "Because she was on blood thinners, we decided to stop at this point and come back and do another operation."

The patient's treatment was then handed over to neurosurgeons, but she subsequently died, LancsLive reported. Area coroner Richard Taylor concluded that the patient had died from complications of endovascular surgery.

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