Short MRI protocol comparable to standard for staging liver metastases
December 2, 2022 -- CHICAGO - An abbreviated MRI protocol combined with contrast-enhanced CT performs comparably to a standard MRI exam for identifying liver metastases in colorectal cancer patients, according to research presented on 30 November at the RSNA meeting. Read More
French group flies the flag for Europe in RSNA poster hall
December 1, 2022 -- Members of a research group in Nantes -- known as the jewel of the Loire Valley in northwest France -- received Europe's only magna cum laude award when the prestigious prizes were handed out on day 4 of the RSNA meeting. Read More
Krestin gazes into radiology's future at RSNA 2022 event
November 29, 2022 -- When contemplating the future, we should not look in a rear-view mirror – we need to be open to the changing environment. That was the central message of a visionary lecture given by Dr. Gabriel Krestin, PhD, at an evening reception held in Chicago on 28 November. Read More
What's the most cost-effective way to diagnose liver metastases?
November 28, 2022 -- CHICAGO - MRI appears to be the most cost-effective modality for diagnosing colorectal cancer liver metastases, according to a German study presented in a 27 November session at RSNA 2022. Read More
SERAM calls for more widespread clinical request support
November 25, 2022 -- A clear need exists for more hospitals to implement effective support systems for clinical requests, the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) has noted in a statement. Read More
Viennese group investigates how prenatal drinking affects fetal brain
November 24, 2022 -- MRI reveals how women's prenatal drinking -- even in low or moderate amounts -- has a negative effect on fetal brain development, according to Austrian research to be presented at RSNA 2022 in Chicago. Read More
Parachutes, belief, and intellectual curiosity
November 8, 2022 -- More resources need to be invested into rigorous and independent research to generate the evidence to support what we do in radiology, writes Dr. Chris Hammond in a new column. Read More
Dynamic MRI delivers in tricky neurovascular cases
November 2, 2022 -- Improvements in MRI technique and dynamic imaging, particularly 3-tesla MRI's ability to demonstrate direct compression of the plexus, have boosted the diagnosis of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome, a new Australian study has found. Read More
MRI proves value in diagnosis of goalkeeping injuries
November 1, 2022 -- MRI is indispensable for evaluating football goalkeepers who present with suspected ligament and tendon injuries of the hand and wrist, and it contributes enormously to patient management, award-winning Brazilian researchers have reported ahead of this month's World Cup. Read More
Back to the future: Accessible MRI at low field
October 27, 2022 -- Portable ultralow-field systems make it more cost-effective and viable to introduce MRI in smaller hospitals and clinics and opens the door to widening global access to brain imaging, writes Swedish MRI physicist Emil Ljungberg, PhD. He shares his experiences and considers what the future might hold. Read More