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Lung cancer screening with low-dose CT has been shown to reduce mortality from the disease, primarily because cancer can be caught and treated earlier. But all eligible individuals may not be benefitting equally.

In an article posted today, we're highlighting a study published in the BMJ that found that, although lung cancer screening recommendations released by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in 2013 did save lives -- more than 10,000 over four years -- this benefit was strongest among white people and those who live in higher-income areas, rather than among racial minorities and those living in areas with fewer resources.

Plus, take a look at our coverage of how an Austrian team used CT to explore the long-term effects of COVID-19 and how deep learning can improve the modality's ability to identify pulmonary embolism.

We're also highlighting contributing writer Dr. Chris Hammond's take on why clinical data registries may turn out to be good examples of "the emperor's new clothes" (à la Danish author Hans Christian Andersen) and a Turkish team's take on the need to carefully evaluate deep sea divers who have recovered from COVID-19 with chest CT before they return to the water.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still with us, and is likely to be for a while. How ready is radiology for the next wave? French researchers say there's work to be done to prepare for the next pandemic.

An important question in this era of climate change is how to make one's radiology department as "green" as possible. Check out our coverage of a session from the ECR 2022 Overture on 6 March during which panelists outlined key measures practices can take to manage the energy consumption that goes along with using high-powered imaging equipment.

In a related Q&A, spoke to Dr. Henrik Michaely, medical director and CEO of MVZ Radiology Karlsruhe and chairman of the German Röntgen Society's Forum of Radiologists in Private Practice, on how private radiology practice can be more sustainable.

CT is such a dynamic, versatile modality. We invite you to keep apprised of its cutting-edge developments by visiting our CT Community regularly.

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