Contrast agent pooling on CT suggests imminent cardiac arrest
May 23, 2022 -- Researchers suggest that contrast agent pooling on CT -- known as the CAP sign -- are in danger of imminent cardiac arrest. The CAP sign could be addressed as an imaging feature of circulatory failure and used to predict the likelihood of cardiac arrest, they say. Read More
Reflections on 2 years of COVID: What we got wrong
May 17, 2022 -- The COVID-19 pandemic is by no means over, and it may never truly disappear, but there have been many curious changes over the last two years, writes Dr. Paul McCoubrie in a new column. He gives a personal view on COVID's impact on radiology since 2020. Read More
Inquest looks into fatal delay over failure to act on CT scan
May 10, 2022 -- A U.K. investigation into why the radiology report of a patient who eventually died lay unseen by an oncologist for six days has found that there was a failure of the system to ensure unexpected findings are seen immediately by clinicians, national and local media outlets have reported. Read More
Dutch team links CT-detected emphysema to high cancer risk
May 6, 2022 -- Researchers from Groningen in the Netherlands have found that emphysema discovered on chest CT is associated with higher lung cancer risk -- especially if the emphysema is severe. They published their findings on 3 May in Radiology. Read More
Brady spells out how to write bad radiology reports
May 4, 2022 -- Writing good radiology reports is a vital skill, but how best can you get that message across? Showing what bad ones look like -- and explaining to trainees in an ironic way how not to write reports -- is a fun and effective way to do it, according to Dr. Adrian Brady. Read More
Turkish team uses imaging to guide care of victims of conflict
April 29, 2022 -- CT and x-ray are playing a significant role in enabling doctors in Turkey to triage patients who've suffered injuries in Syria. A new article shows how imaging can help children injured by explosions. The authors think their findings may be useful for everyone working in war-torn regions. Read More
Belgium pays tribute to interventional pioneer Julien Struyven
April 28, 2022 -- Radiologists in Belgium are remembering the renowned interventional radiologist Prof. Julien Struyven, who died on 21 April at the age of 84. He made a major contribution to the development of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe, and was a lover of modern art. Read More
Will new growth stem from the 1B euro Affidea deal?
April 26, 2022 -- The acquisition of imaging operator Affidea by Belgian investment firm Groupe Bruxelles Lambert reveals much about the future shape of radiology and the major market trends, but can the growth continue and where are the key opportunities? Industry analyst Steve Holloway has the answers. Read More
GBL to acquire European imaging operator Affidea for 1B euros
April 19, 2022 -- Belgian investment firm Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL) announced on 19 April that it is making its first sizable investment in healthcare by acquiring imaging operator Affidea for approximately 1 billion euros. Read More
5 things I don't miss about the bad old days of radiology
April 18, 2022 -- It can be tempting to glorify the early days of radiology, but an honest reflection on the practices of the past confirms that progress has generally been for the better, writes Dr. Giles Maskell. He takes a humorous look back at what he was glad to see disappear. Read More