Week in Review: Top tips from Yves Menu | The promise of CT radiomics | ChatGPT and patient education

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What does "resilience" mean when it comes to radiology? This is very difficult to answer, but one thing's for sure: Ukrainian radiologists have shown incredible resilience and resourcefulness over the past 18 months.

This was evident at the three-day national congress held recently in Kyiv. Organizing this event during a war must have been extremely difficult, to put it mildly. Over a dozen international speakers gave remote talks and participated in Q&A discussions. We've posted an article about a session on journal publishing at which European Radiology Editor-in-Chief Prof. Yves Menu gave practical advice to authors.

Radiomics -- a technique to quantitatively capture tumor characteristics on readily available CT scans -- appears to be developing fast, as confirmed by the findings of a U.K.-led study published this week. Find out more in the CT Community.

ChatGPT, the fast-emerging AI chatbot launched a year ago by OpenAI, has an important role to play in patient education prior to an interventional radiology procedure, according to German researchers. Don't miss our news report.

Meanwhile, a Norwegian-led group has launched a novel web application to help radiology trainees gain skills in detecting lung nodules on chest x-rays. The app leverages deep learning-based image segmentation in combination with computer-simulated lung nodules to automatically generate cases.

Finally, x-ray technology has proved vital in a series of successful drug raids conducted by Revenue, Irish Tax and Customs. The Revenue's strategy is to disrupt the supply chain, seize the illicit products, and prosecute those responsible.

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