Week in Review: Lung screening advances | Breast implant ruptures | How to deliver value-based radiology

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Lung cancer CT screening has had its fair share of opponents over the years. Concerns persist over radiation dose, cost-effectiveness, overdiagnosis bias, imaging workflow issues, the difficulties of managing small nodules, and how best to select candidates for screening.

Despite the skepticism, momentum now seems to be growing across Europe. Earlier in October, German healthcare groups published a position paper on the potential of a national screening program, and progress is also being made in France, as Prof. Marie-Pierre Revel outlined with great clarity last weekend. Find out more in the CT Community.

Implant rupture is an important complication of breast augmentation, but the dilemma is which imaging modality to use. Researchers from a top London facility have found that MRI is still the gold standard, but ultrasound has its uses too. Get the full story in the Women's Imaging Community.

Value-based radiology is becoming a popular term yet defining it and spelling out how to deliver it is no simple task. Who better than the ESR president to do the job? Don't miss our news report.

Training and education in interventional radiology is a hot topic. The Canadians have been pioneers in this field, and Dr. Gilles Soulez from Montreal recently shared his experiences.

Last but definitely not least, we have an article from Italy about the clinical potential of a dedicated PET scanner for prostate cancer. The system was developed by a group in Spain in 2020, and it's showing promise. Go to the Molecular Imaging Community to learn more.

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