Hype is over for PET/MRI and it enters new phase, Becker insists
September 29, 2023 -- The hype that has surrounded PET/MRI over recent years has finished and the technique is entering a new phase of its evolution. That's the view of future ESR President Prof. Minerva Becker and her colleague Dr. Valentina Garibotto. Read More
Imaging plays central role in tackling immunotherapy complications
September 27, 2023 -- The use of immune-mediated treatment of cancer is leading to dramatic improvements in patient outcome, but it also has new toxicity profiles, making it vital to recognize imaging manifestations of adverse effects, award-winning Spanish researchers have reported. Read More
Rare finding detected on PSMA-PET: A nonprostatic lung tumor
September 27, 2023 -- A group in Australia has described a rare finding during a prostate cancer restaging PET/CT scan -- a pulmonary tumor embolism. Read More
Which PET radiotracer tends to work best for prostate cancer imaging?
September 26, 2023 -- Subtle differences in how prostate-specific membrane antigen-PET radiotracers perform in patients prior to Pluvicto treatment may determine which ones become the future tracers of choice, according to a research team in Germany. Read More
FAPI-PET/CT may improve treatment of cancer patients
September 20, 2023 -- Gallium-68 (Ga-68) FAPI-PET/CT imaging -- a highly accurate experimental approach for detecting cancer -- may further improve outcomes for patients undergoing radiation therapy, according to a recent analysis by German researchers. Read More
Can ChatGPT help prepare patients for PET scans?
September 18, 2023 -- ChatGPT may be able to act as a substitute for staff advice given to patients about PET/CT scans. That's the key finding posted by a German research group that posed 25 questions to the large-language model-based chatbot. Read More
PET imaging predicts long-term outcomes in Parkinson's disease
September 18, 2023 -- PET brain imaging in individuals with early Parkinson's disease can show which patients are at higher risk of long-term effects, according to a study by researchers from the University of Brescia in Italy. Read More
PET reveals link between heart health and brain metabolism
September 8, 2023 -- A PET study suggests that maintaining cardiovascular health during midlife can help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disease later in life. That's the key finding of investigators from the Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research in Madrid. Read More
Imaging research gets boost from U.K. rejoining Horizon Europe
September 7, 2023 -- Medical imaging and AI research received a substantial boost on 7 September, when the European Commission and the U.K. reached an agreement on the U.K.'s participation in Horizon Europe, the European Union's research and innovation program. Senior radiologists have already welcomed the news. Read More
Which modality performs best for diagnosing prostate cancer relapse?
September 4, 2023 -- PET/CT and PET/MRI have gone head-to-head for detecting prostate cancer relapse in a new analysis that included 37 clinical studies and 8,709 patients -- with PET/MRI taking a slight lead. Read More