Week in Review: Changing habits on shielding | U.K. controversy breaks out | MRI study of prenatal anxiety

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The consensus view is that contact shielding of patients is unnecessary in most cases, but shielding is still widely used in many radiology departments, particularly in conventional radiography.

Practice often lags behind theoretical developments based on new evidence and guidance, and changing habits takes time and effort, according to Shane Foley, PhD, the Dublin-based co-author of a recent European survey on the topic. Find out more in the CT Community.

A lively debate has taken place this week about new U.K. training and education standards for reporting practitioners of adult chest x-rays. Some radiologists have serious concerns about the lack of consistent standards and appropriate training for radiographers. Don't miss our exclusive report.

Functional MRI is a remarkable research tool, and it continues to break new ground. Dutch researchers have used the technique to assess the impact of prenatal anxiety on adult children. Learn more in the Women's Imaging Community.

Meanwhile, a German group has reported its findings on how PET/MRI can shine a light on the brains of obese patients. The team is convinced the study adds to our basic understanding of the mechanisms underlying obesity and reveals a potential target for treatments.

To end this week's newsletter, we're highlighting a positive story from Ukraine. The country's musculoskeletal radiologists have set up a new society, and this much-needed initiative appears to be gathering momentum.

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