Week in Review: Is U.K. radiology broken? | Coping with MRI anxiety | Brain changes and cannabis use

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Radiology in the U.K. National Health Service is broken. That's the view of Dr. Paul McCoubrie, a regular columnist on AuntMinnieEurope.com.

We asked McCoubrie for his thoughts and observations on the 2022 workforce census, published on 8 June by the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). He gave a typically honest and forthright response, as did Dr. Giles Maskell, another of our columnists. Find out more in the CT Community.

RCR President Dr. Kath Halliday, has worked as a consultant pediatric radiologist at Nottingham University Hospital since 1998, so no doubt she's had to deal with many anxious children in the MRI suite. Her radiographer colleague, Charlotte Swain, addressed this topic in a presentation at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) annual meeting.

Cannabis is one of the most widely used illicit drugs, and by 21 years of age, 80% of New Zealanders will have tried it at least once, with 10% going on to develop a pattern of heavy use or dependence, according to more research presented at ISMRM 2023. But what impact does this have on the brain? Learn more from our report.

Also in the MRI Community, you can read another report from ISMRM 2023 about how imaging was used at the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship held in Valencia, Spain, in November 2022.

When Prof. Üstün Aydingöz in Ankara, Turkey, won a top award at RSNA 2021 for his work on zero echo-time MRI, the technique was promising, but probably not quite ready for the clinic. Now this sequence is suitable for clinical implementation, judged by a U.K. presentation made in Toronto.

Finally, be sure to check out AuntMinnie.com's ISMRM RadCast for full coverage of the meeting.

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