Week in Review: Low-field MRI at Lund | Sweden's radiology podcasters | Expert witness Owen Arthurs

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Lund has a rich heritage when it comes to MRI, and the city hosts Sweden's National 7 Tesla Facility. Unsurprisingly, it's also becoming a focus of attention in the fast-emerging low-field arena, and research is now underway into how portable ultralow-field MRI scanners can transform care and improve access for patients.

We invited MRI physicist Emil Ljungberg, PhD, to share his personal experiences with the new systems. Don't miss his informative article in the MRI Community.

In another report from Sweden, two forward-thinking radiologists describe how they've developed a lively professional podcast. They recorded episodes at last month's national radiology congress, and they've also covered the national debate on changing the title of technicians from "radiological nurse" to "radiographer."

Acting as an expert witness in a court case is an intimidating prospect for most radiologists, but how would you feel about giving evidence in a high-profile murder trial that is gripping a nation? That's exactly what Prof. Owen Arthurs did last week, but he seemed to take it all in his stride. No doubt it helps that he knows the subject matter extremely well.

Dutch researchers have found their calibrated ultrasound method can serve as a noninvasive alternative for liver disease screening and monitoring. To make screening and follow-up applications accessible and affordable on a large scale, they are training and testing convolutional neural networks for steatosis detection on handheld ultrasound devices.

Meanwhile, my colleague Kate Madden Yee has written a fascinating report about how a group from Munich has used CT to examine a 17th century mummy of a 1-year-old boy found in the crypt of an Austrian aristocratic family. The team thinks its study will boost understanding of how children were raised in the Renaissance era. Find out more in the CT Community.

Looking ahead, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) 2022 annual meeting is taking place in Adelaide. We'll post articles about this important congress over the next few days. Check back on our homepage and follow us on Twitter.

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