Video beers, virtual lunches become vital part of work routine
April 7, 2020 -- Companies have had to adjust fast to a whole new way of working since governments imposed lockdowns across Europe. In an exclusive interview, radiologist and industry boss Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer describes how his firm has adapted during the COVID-19 crisis and how he strives to maintain staff morale.  Discuss
COVID-19 signs on chest CT differ by patient age
April 7, 2020 -- Chest CT findings in patients with COVID-19 disease differ by patient age, according to a new study published in the European Journal of Radiology. The results could assist clinicians in developing personalized treatment for COVID-19 patients.  Discuss
U.K. COVID-19 imaging database aims to improve care
April 6, 2020 -- A new COVID-19 imaging repository and database aims to quickly bring breaking clinical and diagnostic advice to healthcare staff in the U.K., according to an article published online on 25 March in Clinical Radiology.  Discuss
Will COVID-19 screens become new norm in ultrasound?
April 6, 2020 -- Shielding may be on the way out in x-ray, but it's in vogue in ultrasound. A Dutch radiologist has worked with one of the big four imaging manufacturers and technical experts to develop a screen designed to protect staff and patients from COVID-19.  Discuss
COVID-19 patients can benefit from ob/gyn ultrasound tools
April 3, 2020 -- Researchers from Fondazione Policlinico Universitatrio A. Gemelli in Rome have found the ultrasound probes and systems that medical staff often depend on for prenatal checkups can also be used for lung imaging in suspected cases of COVID-19.  Discuss
Parma team shares experiences of COVID-19 pandemic
April 2, 2020 -- Dr. Nicola Sverzellati, head of the radiology unit at the academic hospital of Parma, located in one of Italy's worst-affected areas, presented guidance on how radiologists across the world could deal with the COVID-19 crisis and tips on differentiation at CT.  Discuss
Chinese team uses PET/CT on COVID-19 patients
April 2, 2020 -- Four patients with suspected COVID-19 underwent FDG-PET/CT at a Chinese hospital. The authors presented their findings online in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging on 25 March.  Discuss
Can AI help detect tuberculosis on chest x-rays?
April 1, 2020 -- International researchers have assessed the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) software developed in the Netherlands on a dataset of more than 5,000 chest x-rays. In regions where tuberculosis is endemic, the system allows for testing of many subjects at a fraction of the cost, they say.  Discuss
Achenbach insists CT has role in COVID-19 cases
March 31, 2020 -- CT does have a crucial part to play in COVID-19 cases. That's the view of top cardiac imaging expert Dr. Stephan Achenbach, although he admits it only has a limited role and his department has so far only seen around 10 patients with the disease.  Discuss
MRI illustrates how pediatric brains can recover
March 30, 2020 -- Swiss researchers have identified several key MRI-based indicators that can help determine how well pediatric patients will recover from a brain injury. They published their study findings online on 19 March in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
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