A lesson on how to improve PET/MRI performance
December 13, 2018 -- Working with PET/MRI can be complex and time-consuming, but a group of German clinicians has embraced the hybrid modality by adjusting protocols and imaging sequences to greatly reduce scan times and improve the patient experience.  Discuss
Hospitals fall short on cybersecurity, report shows
December 12, 2018 -- Fresh evidence has emerged of the lack of staff training in cybersecurity and the serious problems facing hospitals in the ongoing struggle against increasingly sophisticated attacks. The findings from a new survey show that a quarter of U.K. hospitals have no staff with security qualifications.  Discuss
TOF PET/MRI reduces dose for breast cancer detection
December 12, 2018 -- Clinicians can use as little as 10% of the conventional FDG dose and still produce diagnostic-quality images to detect breast cancer using a time-of-flight (TOF) imaging technique with PET/MRI, according to a study published in the December issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
Consultant radiologist in Ireland is suspended
December 12, 2018 -- The Republic of Ireland's High Court has ordered the suspension of a radiologist from University Hospital Kerry for various offenses, according to a 10 December report in the Irish Mirror.  Discuss
Why England is correct to review breast-screening approach
December 11, 2018 -- The National Health Service in England has begun a long-term plan to evaluate its strategy for breast cancer screening. This review is long overdue, write Drs. László Tabár and Peter B. Dean. They stress the importance of early detection and treatment.  Discuss
Meet the EuroMinnies semifinal candidates
December 11, 2018 -- The list of candidates for the inaugural edition of the EuroMinnies award scheme is now available. The EuroMinnies recognize the best and brightest in European radiology, and our first annual campaign includes 97 candidates in eight categories, ranging from Most Influential Radiology Researcher to Best New Radiology Vendor.  Discuss
Fore! Radiologists miss out when it comes to golf
December 10, 2018 -- Around 5% of radiologists regularly play golf, and their average handicap is 16, but compared with orthopedic surgeons and urologists, they're most definitely missing out, according to a study published online on 10 December in BMJ.  Discuss
New method provides boost in PET thoracic imaging
December 10, 2018 -- Researchers from the U.S. and U.K. have developed an automated retrospective image reconstruction technique that helps to overcome poor image results from patient motion in cardiac PET scans. Their study was published online in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
AI can have major impact on imaging cyberattacks
December 7, 2018 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can be used to thwart cyberattacks on medical imaging equipment, but they may also be used to alter images, making attacks very difficult for radiologists to detect, according to new analysis presented at RSNA 2018 in Chicago.  Discuss
Strasbourg team gazes into future of image-guided surgery
December 6, 2018 -- Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies can help overcome many of the current challenges facing liver surgery and, ultimately, may optimize decision-making and treatment planning, according to new research from a leading French facility.  Discuss
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