Fresh data emerge on pulmonary embolism in COVID-19 patients
May 11, 2021 -- Pulmonary embolism occurs most often in COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, followed by those treated on general wards and the emergency room, Dutch authors have reported. Also, pulmonary embolism is more commonly located in peripheral rather than central pulmonary arteries, which suggests local thrombosis plays a major role. Read More
More clinical exchange can help bolster image interpretation
May 11, 2021 -- Direct communication between radiologists and patients resulted in a change in the radiological reports of 52 out of 122 cases (nearly 43%), according to a new Swiss-Austrian study published online on 28 April in European Radiology. Read More
Inquest investigates death of woman after wellness scan
May 10, 2021 -- Australian authorities are investigating the death of a Melbourne woman who died from a contrast reaction during a heart CT scan as part of a workplace wellness program. The focus is on the radiologist on duty at the time of the scan. Read More
Germans support AI plus CT to boost prediction of major coronary events
May 10, 2021 -- The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and coronary CT angiography to assess cardiovascular health can improve clinicians' ability to predict a patient's risk of future adverse events like unstable angina, researchers from Stuttgart have found. Read More
Novel research from Spain underlines potential of breast AI
May 7, 2021 -- A study of nearly 16,000 women has shown an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can sharply reduce radiologist workload for screening mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis exams without having a major impact on sensitivity. Read More
10 things angry patients say about radiologists in bad reviews
May 6, 2021 -- Most patients are extremely satisfied with their radiologist, but there's still scope to reduce the number of negative experiences, according to the authors of a Dutch survey. They've included details of 10 deeply critical reviews from which lessons can be learned. Read More
Polish team reveals fresh secrets about life and death in Ancient Egypt
May 5, 2021 -- Researchers from the National Museum in Warsaw have used x-ray and CT to show that an Egyptian mummy was not a male scribe and priest, as suspected, but in fact a 25-year-old pregnant woman. Read More
London group strives for simplicity and accessibility in prostate MRI
May 4, 2021 -- How can you standardize prostate MRI protocols across a hospital network? Researchers from University College London have provided some much-needed answers in a new study. Read More
Is a mass exodus imminent for U.K. radiology?
May 4, 2021 -- Fears are growing that large numbers of U.K. doctors will leave the National Health Service over the coming months, but there is no evidence yet that radiology is suffering a mass exodus, the Royal College of Radiologists has reported. Read More
Vogl elaborates on how best to diagnose and treat venous disease
May 4, 2021 -- Venous disease is widespread and common, and it is particularly topical right now, given the potential side effects of COVID-19 vaccines. In a Q&A interview, Prof. Thomas Vogl outlines which venous disorders his team deals with in their daily clinical routine and how they diagnose and treat patients. Read More