Elastography predicts breast cancer therapy response
July 23, 2019 -- Elastography can help determine treatment response in patients with locally advanced breast cancer during the course of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, according to a study published in July in BJR.  Discuss
PET/MRI develops growing role in cervical cancer
July 22, 2019 -- PET/MRI can become an increasingly valuable modality for the early-stage diagnosis of cervical cancer, especially when the disease spreads to the parametrium, according to a study published on 17 July in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
PET makes progress in determining Alzheimer's risk
July 22, 2019 -- A Swedish-led group has developed a novel technique that uses florbetapir-PET scans for tracking beta-amyloid accumulation in adults to gauge the risk of progression to Alzheimer's disease. The investigators published their findings online on 17 July in JAMA Neurology.  Discuss
Act now on handling of serious findings, urges new report
July 19, 2019 -- A government-funded, independent U.K. healthcare agency has published detailed recommendations about how to improve the handling of serious unexpected findings on patient scans by hospital staff. The Royal College of Radiologists has endorsed the report.  Discuss
Mini-MRI scanner tackles knee injury diagnosis
July 19, 2019 -- Researchers have developed a prototype mini-MRI scanner that fits around a patient's leg. The device may help diagnose knee conditions such as anterior cruciate ligament injuries or be used in local clinics and surgeries to reduce waiting times for MRI scans.  Discuss
Breast MRI can identify positive tumor margins
July 18, 2019 -- Researchers have shown that preoperative breast MRI features such as multifocal disease and a nonmass enhancement lesion can help predict positive or close margins at breast-conserving surgery. They published their findings in the August issue of the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Podcast: Maskell reveals how to stay happy at work
July 17, 2019 -- Radiology departments don't have to be dull, lifeless, and silent places. That's the core philosophy and raison d'etre of Dr. Giles Maskell, who believes that creating the right environment in the workplace can enable staff members to thrive, achieve their potential, and deliver better patient care.  Discuss
What exactly lies behind MRI safety incidents?
July 16, 2019 -- A new analysis of more than 18,000 MRI scans conducted over a year has shown that incident reports are much more common among hospital inpatients, largely due to clinical problems with patients in transit and the lack of identification and information, while most incidents among outpatients are due to booking issues.  Discuss
Austrians show MRI can be safe for implanted devices
July 16, 2019 -- Low-field MRI scans can be safe and of adequate diagnostic quality for patients with implanted cardiac rhythm management devices, according to an Austrian study published on 4 July in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Top trends in health informatics in Europe
July 15, 2019 -- The recent Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) & Health 2.0 European Conference attracted over 2,600 delegates from 64 countries to Helsinki, and there was a strong focus on healthcare in the Nordic region. Industry analyst Michael Liberty looks at the main take-home messages from the event.  Discuss
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