Is it good practice to give patients a business card?
February 20, 2020 -- The simple act of radiologists giving patients their business card goes a long way toward helping patients remember the radiologist's name after an examination and enhancing the patient-doctor relationship, according to Swiss-Austrian research.  Discuss
Doubt persists over best ultrasound method for DVT
February 19, 2020 -- Researchers from the University of Amsterdam have found that three different compression ultrasound techniques all performed well for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The failure rates for single limited, serial limited, and whole-leg ultrasound ranged from 1% to 2%.  Discuss
Dutch unveil new data on claims against radiology
February 18, 2020 -- Breast and musculoskeletal imaging accounted for over a third of legal allegations made against radiologists and trainees over the past decade, but the total number of cases remains low, according to Dutch figures published online on 17 February by European Radiology.  Discuss
Does double reading mammography make sense?
February 18, 2020 -- New research confirms that a double reading of a mammogram, followed by a consensus review when the recommendations don't align, helps to reduce recall rates without affecting cancer detection. The analysis was published online on 11 February in Radiology.  Discuss
U.K. team analyzes medical students' views on AI, radiology
February 17, 2020 -- A survey of nearly 500 medical students in the U.K. found that about half were less likely to consider a career in radiology due to the perceived threat of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The research was published online on 5 February in Insights into Imaging.  Discuss
How deep learning can help predict cancer recurrence
February 14, 2020 -- Researchers have shown that a deep-learning algorithm can be used to extract interpretable features from annotation-free histopathology images from prostate cancer patients. Their framework outperformed the prediction of biochemical recurrence using conventional methods.  Discuss
Is breast MRI worth the recall rate in clinical exams?
February 13, 2020 -- MRI has a high sensitivity when it comes to breast cancer, but the modality also has a recall rate of more than 11% and may not be worth the additional recalls for a high-risk patient population, according to a research team from Dublin.  Discuss
ESR, ERS issue statement on CT lung cancer screening
February 12, 2020 -- The European Society of Radiology (ESR) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) released an 18-page joint statement on 12 February that spells out a concerted plan of action to promote CT lung cancer screening across the continent.  Discuss
Italian team realizes potential of ultrasound guidance
February 12, 2020 -- Researchers from Jesi in central Italy have discovered that ultrasound-guided injections can have a major impact on outcome in rheumatology patients. Most procedures take less than 10 minutes and have a 98% accuracy rate.  Discuss
CT 'paramount' for early diagnosis of novel coronavirus
February 11, 2020 -- Chest CT examinations can play a critical role in the initial diagnosis and timely treatment of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), according to an editorial published online on 6 February in European Radiology.  Discuss