Norway adopts group mentoring approach to radiology training
December 7, 2021 -- A novel educational program in Norway for all medical specialty trainees has now been fully implemented. The scheme is obligatory and covers topics such as ethics, understanding science, communication, quality, and patient safety. Read More
Spotlight falls on zero echo-time imaging in musculoskeletal MRI
December 6, 2021 -- Zero echo-time imaging can now be used to complement -- or even replace -- radiographs and CT in many traumatic, inflammatory/rheumatological, and oncologic musculoskeletal conditions on MRI, magna cum laude award-winning researchers from Turkey reported at RSNA 2021. Read More
Survey: Breast AI improves outcome in nations with workforce shortages
December 6, 2021 -- In countries suffering from serious workforce issues, use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a second reader can be particularly beneficial for reducing interval breast cancer rates, according to a national survey from Turkey presented on 2 December at RSNA 2021. Read More
Alcohol use causes altered brain structure in fetuses
December 3, 2021 -- Austrian researchers have conducted what they say is the first MRI study to investigate prenatal alcohol exposure. They found that fetuses exposed to alcohol had increased volume in the corpus callosum and a decreased volume in the periventricular zone. Read More
When to biopsy: How prostate MRI can transform best practice
December 2, 2021 -- In the era of MRI targeting, do all prostate cancer patients require an additional 12-core systematic biopsy? Moving away from default systematic biopsy in some cases may be wise, according to German researcher Dr. Dominik Deniffel, who has won a prestigious award for trainees at RSNA 2021. Read More
Why do Spaniards live so long? Imaging of longevity
December 1, 2021 -- Life expectancy in Spain is nearly 86 years -- the highest in Europe and the fourth-highest worldwide -- RSNA 2021 delegates learned on Monday. This has major implications for radiology. Read More
Study: COVID-19 in pregnancy has no impact on fetal brain
November 30, 2021 -- German investigators have used MRI to show mild to moderate COVID-19 during pregnancy does not have any harmful effects on fetal brains. They're presenting their findings at RSNA 2021. Read More
Cybersecurity comes under intense scrutiny at RSNA 2021
November 30, 2021 -- Cybersecurity and safety have become major issues in global healthcare, and it's vital to address these topics because any radiology department or practice can easily become the victim of an attack, experts told RSNA 2021 attendees at a special session on Sunday. Read More
Austrian team unveils findings on abbreviated breast MRI
November 30, 2021 -- Researchers from Vienna have found that nonscanning time between abbreviated breast MRI exams contributes to workflow problems, preventing more patients from being imaged. They presented their results at RSNA 2021. Read More
To shake or not to shake hands? Enter the wristband
November 29, 2021 -- It's the dilemma facing every congress attendee these days: Do I shake hands with this colleague or not? In an enterprising attempt to solve this problem, colored wristbands are available at RSNA 2021 that indicate an individual's comfort level with contact. Read More