Meet the 18 finalists for the EuroMinnies 2022 awards
January 20, 2022 -- The fourth edition of the EuroMinnies,'s annual awards scheme, is entering its final phase, and today we can reveal the full list of finalists. In the four "people awards," the eight finalists come from eight different European nations. Find out who made the cut. Read More
MRI makes sustained clinical progress in female urethra
January 20, 2022 -- MRI can supply vital information about the anatomy and pathology of the female urethra, and it can guide clinical management and provide a road map for surgical procedures, according to new analysis by European genitourinary radiologists. Read More
Love bite: An unusual skin reaction following MR imaging
January 19, 2022 -- Swiss interventional radiologists have added "love bite" to the list of adverse reactions related to gadolinium-based contrast agents, according to a letter to be published in the April 2022 issue of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Read More
Ranschaert reflects on adoption and evolution of radiology AI
January 18, 2022 -- When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), what lies ahead for clinical radiology? What are the main trends? These questions were addressed in a webinar on 12 January by an expert panel that included informatics guru Prof. Dr. Erik Ranschaert. In this Q&A article, he speaks about AI in 2022. Read More
German team finds nuclear tracer is superior to CT in prostate cancer
January 18, 2022 -- A research group from Munich has reported that an experimental radiohybrid PET tracer is more effective than CT for identifying tumors prior to surgery in patients with advanced prostate cancer. Read More
What to make of the latest rumblings in the fast-changing MRI sector
January 17, 2022 -- The question for potential buyers of low-field MRI scanners is: Do I want the latest but apparently still immature technology or the established and functioning equipment that is not so sexy? The Maverinck discusses this in a new column. Read More
France releases guidance on how radiology can become greener
January 17, 2022 -- France's national radiology society (Société Française de Radiologie, SFR) has published a new booklet about building a more environmentally friendly radiology practice while safeguarding the quality of patient care. It is called "Radiology and eco-responsibility -- on the road to green radiology." Read More
How does dark-field chest x-ray perform for emphysema diagnosis?
January 14, 2022 -- Researchers at the Technical University of Munich believe dark-field chest x-ray may become an option over CT for the detection and staging of emphysema in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read More
Global AI software developer MaxQ reveals change in focus
January 14, 2022 -- Tel Aviv-based artificial intelligence (AI) firm MaxQ is discontinuing its Accipio line of software for detection and triage of intracranial hemorrhage and ending its involvement in the development of image analysis-based AI applications. Read More
Rotterdam study illuminates detection of skin cancer metastases
January 13, 2022 -- Investigators from Erasmus MC in the Netherlands have reported that while relying on clinical examination alone can miss cancers in the head and neck, adding ultrasound may lead to unnecessary procedures. Read More