Spanish group seeks to optimize outcome in stroke cases
August 4, 2021 -- Researchers from Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona have found that patients with suspected large vessel occlusion stroke can have better long-term outcomes if they are transferred directly to the angiography suite for diagnosis upon admission. Read More
AI algorithm automates labeling of brain MRI images
August 4, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can label more than 100,000 brain MRI exams in less than 30 minutes, enabling the creation of large datasets needed for training deep-learning models, according to research from a top U.K. facility. Read More
First figures released on imaging of Tokyo Olympics
August 3, 2021 -- Over 200 MRI exams were performed in the polyclinic during the first week of the Tokyo Olympics, and 90% of these scans were for suspected musculoskeletal injuries, chief radiologist Dr. Yukihisa Saida has revealed. Read More
Shared decisions must lie at the heart of consent process
August 3, 2021 -- When it comes to informed consent, we need to develop practical techniques and questions and be curious about our patients’ wishes, writes Dr. Chris Hammond. Offer them time, space, and support, and try to listen and understand them before negotiating a decision. Read More
Novice readers gain from using two-view DBT for breast lesions
August 2, 2021 -- A French team has found that less experienced readers benefit from using two-view digital mammography plus digital breast tomosynthesis (DM-DBT) to characterize breast lesions. They published their results on 27 July in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Italian group investigates long-term sequelae in COVID-19 patients
August 2, 2021 -- Over two-thirds of patients who contract COVID-19 show thickened lung tissue on chest CT exams performed six months later, according to scientists from the Sapienza University of Rome. Read More
Global artificial intelligence market looks set for bright future
July 30, 2021 -- The worldwide market for medical imaging artificial intelligence applications is expected to be worth almost $1.2 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 26%, a report from Signify Research has stated. Read More
Simple measures can make transgender patients feel welcome
July 29, 2021 -- Data on breast cancer risk for the transgender community remain limited, but radiologists can do their part to create a welcoming environment to encourage transgender people to attend screening exams, new research has found. Read More
MRI safety survey finds two-thirds of incidents go unreported
July 28, 2021 -- A new study from Sweden has shown that MRI-related incidents tend to be greatly underreported. The authors warn that some unreported incidents may have catastrophic outcomes, and a major educational effort is urgently required. Read More
Radiology swings into action at Tokyo Olympics
July 27, 2021 -- Medical imaging is already playing a valuable clinical role in the Tokyo Olympics, and both MRI and ultrasound look set to be essential diagnostic tools right up to the closing ceremony on 8 August. Read More