What to make of the latest rumblings in the fast-changing MRI sector
January 17, 2022 -- The question for potential buyers of low-field MRI scanners is: Do I want the latest but apparently still immature technology or the established and functioning equipment that is not so sexy? The Maverinck discusses this in a new column. Read More
France releases guidance on how radiology can become more green
January 17, 2022 -- France's national radiology society (Société Française de Radiologie, SFR) has published a new booklet about building a more environmentally friendly radiology practice while safeguarding the quality of patient care. It is called Radiology and eco-responsibility -- on the road to green radiology. Read More
How does dark-field chest x-ray perform for emphysema diagnosis?
January 14, 2022 -- Researchers at the Technical University of Munich believe dark-field chest x-ray may become an option over CT for the detection and staging of emphysema in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read More
Rotterdam study illuminates detection of skin cancer metastases
January 13, 2022 -- Investigators from Erasmus MC in the Netherlands have reported that while relying on clinical examination alone can miss cancers in the head and neck, adding ultrasound may lead to unnecessary procedures. Read More
Scottish researcher Fiona Denison, 51, dies of COVID-19 complications
January 12, 2022 -- Prof. Fiona Denison, an obstetrician who had a keen interest in ultrasound, multidisciplinary research, and global health, died on 9 January after contracting COVID-19, according to a statement by the Edinburgh Medical School and reports in the national media. Read More
And then there were 9: Election fever grips U.K. radiology
January 11, 2022 -- Nine candidates are standing in this month's election for the top job in U.K. radiology -- president of the Royal College of Radiologists. The contest is already causing quite a stir on social media. Read More
Dutch team shines light on cost-effectiveness of lung screening
January 11, 2022 -- A new Dutch-led study has shown that combined low-dose CT screening for lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cardiovascular disease can be cost-effective -- and it is likely to be more cost-effective than screening for lung cancer only. Read More
Danes show value of breast ultrasound in margin assessment
January 10, 2022 -- Researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark have reported that breast ultrasound has the highest pooled sensitivity, specificity, and area under the curve for margin assessment compared to radiography, digital breast tomosynthesis, and micro-CT. Read More
What's happening in the worldwide digital x-ray market?
January 7, 2022 -- The fixed digital radiography (DR) market looks set to rebound, as budgets and investment return to fixed radiography rooms, and spending on high-end DR devices is also poised to rise again. Analyst Graham Cooke assesses the latest market trends across the globe. Read More
Radiographer exposed child to '50 times more radiation' in x-ray exam
January 6, 2022 -- A radiographer administered 50 times more radiation than was required during an x-ray of a child, and she also took an x-ray of the wrong ankle of an adult patient, a U.K. disciplinary panel has heard. Read More