Beard talk comes to ECR courtesy of Parizel's new look
March 4, 2021 -- You could almost hear the gasps of disbelief from thousands of online ECR attendees when the camera focused on Prof. Paul Parizel and his awesome beard during Wednesday evening's opening ceremony. Read More
How to survive the night shift: Leading expert gives on-call tips
March 4, 2021 -- Overnight on-call shifts can cause extreme anxiety for radiologists, but there are ways to navigate them and improve the experience. Dr. Elizabeth Dick of Imperial College in London gave her top tips at a special trainees' session on 3 March at ECR 2021. Read More
Fuchsjäger sings radiology's praises in ECR 2021 opening
March 4, 2021 -- If you closed your eyes, you could almost imagine yourself in Vienna. In Wednesday evening's opening ceremony, ESR President Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger raised the curtain on ECR 2021, extolling radiology's virtues to a virtual audience -- before singing opera in a closing duet. Read More
AI detection of intracranial hemorrhage saves lives
March 4, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that screens head CT exams for intracranial hemorrhage -- and triages suspected cases for radiologist review -- can yield significant improvements in patient outcomes, researchers from Israel reported on Wednesday at ECR 2021. Read More
Automated breast positioning comes under scrutiny at ECR 2021
March 3, 2021 -- A prize-winning ECR 2021 study of mammographic screening images has shown that automated analysis of breast positioning found a significant number of inadequate images in the technical repeats attributed to positioning errors. Read More
Irish unveil key data on pulmonary embolism in COVID-19 patients
March 3, 2021 -- A large study of hospitalized COVID-19 cases at three university hospitals in Dublin has found an incidence rate of over 22% of pulmonary embolism in those patients undergoing CT pulmonary angiography. The full results are being presented at ECR 2021. Read More
Sapienza team shines light on cardiac complications of COVID-19
March 2, 2021 -- Advanced imaging is playing a key role in diagnosing cardiac manifestations in COVID-19 patients, including myocarditis, acute coronary syndrome, and thromboembolic events, researchers from Rome have reported. They've shared three new clinical cases. Read More
Training: How to go beyond unconscious competence
March 2, 2021 -- Failing to create a healthy work environment means radiologists become increasingly siloed, but positive training methods and the use of mentoring can help enormously, writes Dr. Chris Hammond. Read More
ECR 2021 gets set to launch with novel approach on 3 March
March 2, 2021 -- When ECR 2021 kicks off on Wednesday, a new aspect will be Channel N° 1. This live channel will feature interviews with luminaries, daily messages from congress president Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger, and classes in yoga, mindfulness, qigong, and aikido. Read More
Radiographers struggle with disruption and stress in pandemic
March 1, 2021 -- Even in a country like Australia that's fared relatively well in the COVID-19 pandemic, radiographers have found it difficult to cope, a new survey has found. "We are the forgotten front line," said one radiographer. Read More