RCR: Checklists can save lives and careers
January 18, 2019 -- The best radiologist I ever met was also the one with the saddest career-ending story, noted Dr. Tony Nicholson from Leeds, U.K. "Experienced in hundreds of biopsies, he got the wrong side one day. He was busy and distracted," he said. The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) thinks safety checklists can help avoid situations like this.  Discuss
How to differentiate glioblastoma from brain metastasis
January 17, 2019 -- Researchers from Israel have shown the clinical potential of using automatic classification based on a single contrast of MRI to differentiate glioblastoma from brain metastasis. They've published their findings online on 11 January in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  Discuss
Meet the finalists for EuroMinnies 2019
January 16, 2019 -- Competition has been intense for the EuroMinnies,'s campaign to recognize the best and brightest in European medical imaging. We received dozens of nominations, but our expert panel has now whittled down the initial list of 97 candidates to 16 finalists in eight categories. Find out who made the final cut.  Discuss
Imaging aquatic life: Diving into the unknown
January 16, 2019 -- VALENCIA - The creatures that live under the sea have inspired humans over history, and even the congress poster for ECR 2019 has a nautical theme, but many aquatic species remain elusive. Imaging can help reveal some of their secrets and protect and care for them, a veterinarian from Spain told attendees at a recent congress.  Discuss
How to avoid pitfalls in interpretation of adrenal imaging
January 15, 2019 -- A clear understanding of the pitfalls in the performance and interpretation of adrenal CT can help prevent incorrect and inappropriate investigations, award-winning researchers from a top London facility have found. It's essential to keep aware of the full range of pseudolesions and mimics, they said.  Discuss
CT guidance for spinal injections comes under scrutiny
January 14, 2019 -- Swiss researchers found that CT guidance allowed interventional radiologists to perform spinal injections just as effectively as they did using fluoroscopy but with much lower personal radiation exposure, according to an article published online on 8 January in Radiology. CT guidance led to higher radiation exposure to patients, however.  Discuss
Support gathers for commercial launch of open Lego MRI
January 14, 2019 -- A radiographer in the U.K. is trying to secure support for the idea of a Lego open MRI scanner in a bid to convince the Danish company to offer a replica of a suite as a commercial product. This follows the development and use of Lego MRI by a group of U.S. and Dutch radiologists in 2015.  Discuss
3 new things to see at ECR 2019
January 11, 2019 -- The upcoming ECR 2019 meeting will feature three new highlights, with a major content focus on artificial intelligence and interventional radiology. These are in addition to traditional events and activities that attendees have come to expect at the Vienna congress, according to the European Society of Radiology.  Discuss
Simulator training can improve ultrasound skills
January 11, 2019 -- Simulator-based training shows considerable promise for improving the abdominal diagnostic ultrasound performance of radiology trainees, according to a Danish study published online on 7 January in European Radiology.  Discuss
Norwegians offer theory for risks of football heading
January 11, 2019 -- Researchers from Norway are offering a theory for a puzzling question on the risks of heading a football -- why does the practice seem to affect female players more than their male counterparts? They believe the phenomenon could be related to the size and weight of the ball relative to player size.  Discuss
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