How can imaging reassure patients over weight loss?
November 13, 2018 -- Abnormal previous imaging in cases of unexplained and unintentional weight loss may be useful to fast-track patients for CT scans, but questions remain unanswered and further work must be done in this area, according to Scottish researchers.  Discuss
EuroMinnies recognize achievements in European radiology
November 12, 2018 -- has launched the first edition of the EuroMinnies, a new annual event to recognize excellence in European radiology. The EuroMinnies are currently open for nominations.  Discuss
Timely MRI can help predict outcomes for sarcoma patients
November 12, 2018 -- The careful evaluation of the immediate area around soft-tissue sarcomas with MRI before, during, and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy can help clinicians alter cancer treatment, if necessary, according to a French study published online on 5 November in the European Journal of Radiology.
Radiotherapy is 'undervalued and needs greater investment'
November 9, 2018 -- Radiotherapy is undervalued and needs greater investment, reports a white paper by the Marie Curie Legacy Campaign. The report was launched on 7 November to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of Marie Curie.  Discuss
Reactions to gadolinium MRI contrast are largely mild
November 9, 2018 -- Italian researchers found that patients who received gadolinium-based contrast agents experienced short-term reactions that weren't much worse than those in patients who had no contrast at all. Results of the study were published online on 30 October in Investigative Radiology.  Discuss
AI's akin to x-ray in revolutionary potential, Italians say
November 8, 2018 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) will change radiology practice more than anything since Wilhelm Röntgen's discovery of x-ray, according to researchers from Italy. In new analysis published on 24 October, they assert that radiologists can play a leading role in this upcoming period of rapid change.  Discuss
Severe shortage of cardiac CT scanners blights U.K.
November 7, 2018 -- U.K. hospitals lack the capacity to provide people experiencing chest pain with urgently needed coronary CT angiography, according to senior radiologist Dr. Giles Roditi. New figures show that more than 56,000 patients with angina missed out on scans in 2017 due to shortages of equipment and staff.  Discuss
Prokop: AI will enable you to focus on what matters
November 7, 2018 -- Many aspects of imaging are dull and should be automated, Dr. Mathias Prokop said at the annual European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics meeting on 3 November. Artificial intelligence (AI) will create the space and time for radiologists to concentrate on what really matters.  Discuss
Europe unveils new collaboration on cardiac metabolic MRI
November 6, 2018 -- Two of Europe's leading research groups in hyperpolarized and cardiovascular MRI -- ETH Zurich in Switzerland and the Technical University of Munich in Germany -- have joined MetaboliQs, the project funded by the European Union that is due to continue until the end of 2021.  Discuss
Philips announces AI project for U.K.
November 6, 2018 -- Philips Healthcare parent Royal Philips has unveiled two healthcare projects backed by the U.K. government that promise to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence (AI) software to support cancer diagnostics.  Discuss
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