Chest CT beats DNA tests for early coronavirus diagnosis
February 28, 2020 -- Researchers from China and the Netherlands have found that chest CT proved to be superior to the standard method of DNA testing for early diagnosis of the novel coronavirus disease in high-risk individuals. They published their results online on 26 February in Radiology.  Discuss
Abbreviated breast MRI proves value for invasive cancer
February 27, 2020 -- A 10-minute MRI scan may be superior to digital breast tomosynthesis in women with dense tissue, writes a U.S.-German team. The group published the results of a 48-center study in the 25 February issue of JAMA.  Discuss
Italy gears up for spread of coronavirus
February 26, 2020 -- Radiologists in the north of Italy are bracing themselves for a period of disruption, as the lockdown designed to contain transmission of the novel coronavirus begins to take effect in parts of the country. We asked four senior Italian radiologists to share their views and experiences.  Discuss
Prosecutor declines charges in Swedish MRI accident
February 25, 2020 -- The specialist nurse who got sucked into an MRI scanner in Swedish Lapland in October 2019 will not face charges after a prosecutor decided there was insufficient evidence to take the case to court. The official investigation into the incident is now closed.  Discuss
Women dominate in 2020 EuroMinnies awards
February 25, 2020 -- Women have dominated the 2020 EuroMinnies award scheme, collecting the prizes for Most Influential Radiology Researcher, Most Effective Radiology Educator, Radiology Rising Star, and Scientific Paper of the Year. Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Sweden have provided the winners in these four categories.  Discuss
To shield or not to shield? That's the question
February 25, 2020 -- Debate is intensifying across Europe over the contentious issue of whether lead shielding for patients offers any major radiation protection benefits. As the medical imaging community awaits new guidance and consensus, we asked radiographers to elaborate on the key points and current best practice.  Discuss
Study: Skip prehydration before contrast CT of kidneys
February 25, 2020 -- Withholding short sodium bicarbonate prehydration before a contrast-enhanced CT scan does not compromise renal safety in patients with stage III chronic kidney disease, a team from Leiden in the Netherlands has found.  Discuss
RSNA urged to do more to offset carbon footprint
February 24, 2020 -- The organizers of the RSNA in Chicago and the radiology community must act to offset the meeting's airplane travel-related carbon dioxide emissions, particularly because the organization is dedicated to human health, Dutch authors believe.  Discuss
MRI links brain changes to antisocial conduct
February 21, 2020 -- MRI scans have revealed changes in the brain structure of individuals who continually exhibit antisocial behavior, according to a study conducted at a top London facility and published in the March issue of Lancet Psychiatry.  Discuss
Is it good practice to give patients a business card?
February 20, 2020 -- The simple act of radiologists giving patients their business card goes a long way toward helping patients remember the radiologist's name after an examination and enhancing the patient-doctor relationship, according to Swiss-Austrian research.  Discuss