Imaging plays central role in tackling immunotherapy complications
September 27, 2023 -- The use of immune-mediated treatment of cancer is leading to dramatic improvements in patient outcome, but it also has new toxicity profiles, making it vital to recognize imaging manifestations of adverse effects, award-winning Spanish researchers have reported. Read More
Rare finding detected on PSMA-PET: A nonprostatic lung tumor
September 27, 2023 -- A group in Australia has described a rare finding during a prostate cancer restaging PET/CT scan -- a pulmonary tumor embolism. Read More
MRI reveals novel clues to symptoms of long COVID
September 26, 2023 -- A detailed new whole-body MRI study has revealed that patients who are hospitalized for COVID are three times more likely to have some abnormalities in multiple organs, particularly the lungs, brain, and kidneys. Researchers think there is a link with the severity of the illness. Read More
Which PET radiotracer tends to work best for prostate cancer imaging?
September 26, 2023 -- Subtle differences in how prostate-specific membrane antigen-PET radiotracers perform in patients prior to Pluvicto treatment may determine which ones become the future tracers of choice, according to a research team in Germany. Read More
Ultrasound comes to the rescue in Swiss caving emergencies
September 25, 2023 -- Authors from Bern University Hospital have described how point-of-care ultrasound plays a central role in rescue operations from potentially serious caving accidents. One incident involved a speleologist who was hit on the pelvis by a boulder at an altitude of 2000 meters. Read More
Low-dose radiation damages DNA in interventional radiologists
September 25, 2023 -- Long-term exposure to low-dose radiation can cause DNA damage to lymphocyte cells in interventional radiologists -- but significantly, these doctors don't seem to be vulnerable to an increased risk of leukemia, researchers in Slovakia have reported. Read More
Katja Pinker gives her latest thoughts on breast AI adoption
September 21, 2023 -- Ahead of the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) annual congress, Dr. Katja Pinker, PhD, from New York and Vienna, spoke with about the challenges of adopting AI in breast imaging. Read More
Spanish group strives for clarity and patient safety on CT dose
September 20, 2023 -- Researchers in Madrid have reported significant progress in developing a coherent strategy to optimize radiation dose. Establishing a multidisciplinary dose optimization panel has been a vital part of their drive to improve CT protocols. Read More
FAPI-PET/CT may improve treatment of cancer patients
September 20, 2023 -- Gallium-68 (Ga-68) FAPI-PET/CT imaging -- a highly accurate experimental approach for detecting cancer -- may further improve outcomes for patients undergoing radiation therapy, according to a recent analysis by German researchers. Read More
Team Turku shines new light on patient shielding in CT
September 19, 2023 -- The application of an out-of-plane shield in CT scanning may lead to a substantial increase in tube current modulation, therefore providing patients with a much higher radiation dose, researchers from Finland have found. Read More
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