Spanish apply 3D printing to pediatric tumor surgery
November 15, 2018 -- Using 3D-printed models to plan and guide surgery for pediatric tumors enabled researchers from Spain to improve their understanding of complex anatomy and predict possible complications, according to a recent article published online in the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery Reports.  Discuss
Breast screening in England faces major overhaul
November 15, 2018 -- Following a series of blunders, the national breast screening program in England is to undergo an in-depth review that is due to be completed in summer 2019, it was announced today. The Royal College of Radiologists has already welcomed the news.  Discuss
Iranians use artificial intelligence to illuminate uterine cancer
November 15, 2018 -- Researchers from Iran used a machine-learning algorithm and perfusion-weighted MRI scans to differentiate between patients with uterine sarcomas and those with leiomyomas. The findings were published on 12 November in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Why AI's not ready for routine adoption
November 14, 2018 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) is not yet ready for routine adoption, and radiologists must develop new skills to work effectively in a machine-learning environment, a U.S. expert told delegates at the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics meeting.  Discuss
Golden rules of radiology: The final batch of 30
November 14, 2018 -- Trust your clinical instincts, keep your workspace immaculate, avoid burnout by looking after yourself, and smile but don't be too approachable -- these are some of the new rules of radiology from Dr. Paul McCoubrie. Here's the fourth and final set in his series about the specialty's uber-truths.  Discuss
How can imaging reassure patients over weight loss?
November 13, 2018 -- Abnormal previous imaging in cases of unexplained and unintentional weight loss may be useful to fast-track patients for CT scans, but questions remain unanswered and further work must be done in this area, according to Scottish researchers.  Discuss
EuroMinnies recognize achievements in European radiology
November 12, 2018 -- has launched the first edition of the EuroMinnies, a new annual event to recognize excellence in European radiology. The EuroMinnies are currently open for nominations.  Discuss
Timely MRI can help predict outcomes for sarcoma patients
November 12, 2018 -- The careful evaluation of the immediate area around soft-tissue sarcomas with MRI before, during, and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy can help clinicians alter cancer treatment, if necessary, according to a French study published online on 5 November in the European Journal of Radiology.
Radiotherapy is 'undervalued and needs greater investment'
November 9, 2018 -- Radiotherapy is undervalued and needs greater investment, reports a white paper by the Marie Curie Legacy Campaign. The report was launched on 7 November to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of Marie Curie.  Discuss
Reactions to gadolinium MRI contrast are largely mild
November 9, 2018 -- Italian researchers found that patients who received gadolinium-based contrast agents experienced short-term reactions that weren't much worse than those in patients who had no contrast at all. Results of the study were published online on 30 October in Investigative Radiology.  Discuss
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