Week in Review: Does AI pose a threat to radiographers? | McCoubrie on COVID blunders | Dutch dismay with software firms

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Much has been said and written about how artificial intelligence (AI) might replace radiologists, but there has been less discussion of AI's impact on radiographers.

A keynote speaker at last week's annual meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) provided some much-needed reassurance. Past ISMRM president Dr. Daniel Sodickson, PhD, predicted that in the era of AI, radiographers will be in great demand for their advanced skills -- and healthcare providers and funders will value their role. Find out more in the MRI Community.

For almost a decade now, Dr. Paul McCoubrie has informed, educated, and entertained in his well-crafted, insightful columns. His latest offering in the CT Community is about the mistakes made in the pandemic, and he certainly tells it how it is.

Dr. Maurice van den Bosch is one of the few radiologists to move from clinical practice to hospital management. He's made the news recently in the Netherlands due to his comments about the profits of software companies, particularly ChipSoft.

In the world of MRI, a recurring theme over the past few years has been the benefits and pitfalls of low-field versus high-field magnets. Supporters of ultralow-field MRI showcased the latest advances during a session at ISMRM 2022.

To ensure you get a balanced picture and hear both sides of the argument, we've brought you a video interview with Prof. Thoralf Niendorf, PhD, who remains an enthusiastic supporter of ultrahigh-field MRI. Near the end of the eight-minute video, he also has some fascinating thoughts on how to cope with stress and avoid burnout.

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