Week in Review: Maskell on hard times | Why do Spaniards live so long? | When to biopsy in prostate cancer

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Tough times call for calm heads and clear thinkers -- and Dr. Giles Maskell is surely one of the calmest and most reflective people in radiology.

In this week's top article, he has some practical and timely advice on how to survive in hard times. It's well worth listening to, and his tips might help you and your colleagues to cope over the difficult weeks and months that lie ahead.

RSNA 2021 has been going on since Sunday. A standout session focused on longevity in Spain, and it provided some fascinating insight into the country and its healthcare system. Dr. César Pedrosa, who will turn 90 in February 2022 and is the oldest practicing radiologist in Spain (and possibly in the world), embodies the spirit and resilience that makes this nation so special.

At the other end of the age spectrum, German researcher Dr. Dominik Deniffel won a prestigious award for trainees at RSNA 2021 for his work on prostate MRI and biopsies. His group's analysis involving 754 patients found that the most clinically useful strategy in patients with a low-risk threshold (less than 5%) is to perform no systematic biopsy in PI-RADS 5 cases. Find out more in the MRI Community.

Another German MRI study unveiled at RSNA 2021 confirms that mild to moderate COVID-19 during pregnancy does not have any harmful effects on fetal brains. Learn more in the Women's Imaging Community.

In a more lighthearted article, we look at the use of wristbands at RSNA 2021 to indicate a delegate's willingness to shake hands with a colleague. It's unclear whether this idea will catch on.

For in-depth live coverage of the meeting, check out the RSNA 2021 News section of our sister site, AuntMinnie.com. Its RADCast @ RSNA continues today, when the meeting draws to a close.

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