U.K. radiologists form new company

2019 11 19 18 52 7826 Business Hands 400

Radiologists from the Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust have created a new company aimed at helping to improve medical imaging interpretation.

The group developed Report and Image Quality Control (RAIQC) as a teaching and training tool within OUH so healthcare professionals could improve their medical image interpretation skills in a secure and anonymized web-based environment.

RAIQC gives users instant feedback on how well they are interpreting medical images and allows them to anonymously benchmark themselves against their peers and experts. The software can be tailored for each user, from a medical student to an experienced professional, and can focus on the user's weaker areas.

With the creation of the company, RAIQC will be accessible beyond the NHS and can be used to support research studies that rely on imaging by, for instance, introducing quality controls on image interpretation.

Oxford University Innovation, the University of Oxford's technology transfer subsidiary, managed the commercialization of the endeavor and OUH will be a shareholder in the company. The trust will also benefit from royalties that arise from use of its image database.

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